About the Quality Fabric & Designs


Shakti Shanti Quality Yoga Wear believes that each and every person is unique and extraordinary and thus deserving of only the best.

Our underlying trademark is consequently EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY and in this respect we have ensured that our wear is made from only the finest combed cotton/spandex  or viscose/spandex available to us.

The stretch cotton is a 230gr combed infusion of cotton & spandex. The weight of the fabric is a slightly heavier than most active wear ranges use, and it has been specifically chosen because of its

  • luxurious feel against the skin
  • giving more support
  • elasticity
  • moderating transparency
  • durability

Other reasons for our choice of fabric are:

  • The Cotton/Spandex is made of 90% natural products, i.e. allows the skin to breathe - this in accordance with the yoga philosophies of non-violence and with respect to the conservation of Mother Earth.
  • The Viscose/Spandex is made from 95% natural products (viscose is made from wood).
  • Non Slip - This is the nature of the cotton/spandex which ensures safety in some intense & challenging balancing postures in yoga and dancing as well as for rock climbing
  • Fitted – The 10% spandex in the cotton/spandex garments ensures the garment adheres to the body even when inverted
Shakti Shanti Quality Yoga Wear ensures a luxurious feeling against your skin, as if it were a second skin.

Each garment too has been very specifically designed to ensure:

  • Pure comfort – no tight elastic bands dig into the hips or waist giving one complete freedom of movement
  • 100% Support – the designs along with the weight of the fabric and the percentage of spandex in the fabric ensure one has no need to wear a bra
  • Versatility – One could wear our range at yoga, spinning, running, gym, dancing, rock climbing as well as for leisure wear
  • Timelessness – the designs will never be out of fashion

In fact once on our garments are difficult to take off and one finds oneself in their active wear all day long.

To top it all, Shakti Shanti Quality Yoga Wear is an All South African Made Product, even the cotton is grown on our soil, resulting in no import duties into Europe.

The inspiration behind SSYW is that each and every person who wears our clothes is so comfortable and feels so good about themselves that they are able to access their peaceful energy without any constraints and restrictions and with love and respect for the self. When we feel secure and good about ourselves we start to nurture our essence and enjoy being this unique person that each of us is. This brings us the contentment we all yearn for.

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