Mission Statement

Everything about Shakti Shanti is based on Yogic Principles:

We want everyone to love every moment they are dealing with us, wearing our clothing and working with us.

Ahimsa -
We respect the integrity of all people and the environment with whom we are connected and act with care towards them. We are thus, as much as possible, environmentally friendly and make use of materials which come naturally from the earth.

Satya –
We use truthful and clear communications to all people with whom we are connected. We want to make sales because people LOVE every aspect of the brand.

Asteya –

We behave honestly in all interactions: financial, material, emotional and spiritual. Our suppliers get paid timeously and we honour and respect the work they do for us.

Bramacharya –
We bring care and wisdom to our conduct and avoid all forms of exploitation. We do not make use of sweat shops or child labour, everyone involved in the processes of making a Shakti Shanti garment is well renumerated and has quality time to spend with their family, we feel it is very important that a +ve energy vibration surrounds each item. As far as possible the designs of the garments are made to ensure we can maintain our modesty in all situations.

Aparigraha –
We use our yogic knowledge and skills for the benefit of all people with whom we are connected, and not to gain unfair personal advantage. Although our quality is exceptional, we do not mark up the garments according to regular industry standards. We want to remain affordable to the general public. In fact we want every link along the way to be benefitting from the range, the end user as they have a high quality affordable product.

Meticulous care and attention to detail has been taken to ensure PURE QUALITY is experienced by the wearer; from the design process, the feel of the fabric, through to the incredible fit.

Shakti Shanti celebrates the PEACE POWER within feminine energy!

The fabric is locally made. Every process in the making of a Shakti Shanti garment is as nature intended, without any desire to exploit, but rather to utilize, create, preserve and grow our precious home land, people and mother earth in general.

We are 100% South African!

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